…and so the story starts…

5 02 2011

I’ve already started my training (as hard as it has been) so a little summary of where I am up to.

I didn’t start my first bit of exercise in the last 6 months until after christmas, I wanted to enjoy indulging myself in turkey, stuffing, roasted parsnips and sausages wrapped in bacon. I also wasn’t going to miss out on the boxes of chocolates, cakes, biscuits and Pringles my mum has been saving all December which I wasn’t allowed to touch until Christmas Day. Where, however I’m sat on the couch, unable to move as it hurts because I’ve eaten too much, when I am finally offered the treats I wanted for the last 24 days! I also had New Years Eve to get through so any training before these festivities would just have been wasted.

So yeah, Christmas ends, so does New Year and my Birthday (I have it on good authority that birthdays are good for you btw, the more you have the longer you live) but anyway, Steven Prime (the other guy who is going to be taking on this challenge with me) got me geared up to start. I admit I should have done a few push-ups, a bit of jogging and what not before I jumped straight onto a bike but I didn’t and about a mile later my legs hated me. So did my arms, and my hands, neck, shoulders and everywhere else that thought what the hell is going on? Managed 3 miles when I got back to the house and realised the flight of stairs in front of me wasn’t possible unless I crawled up them. But all was good.

Realising how much Christmas had physically destroyed my fitness I got myself onto the exercise bike for a few days and did some weight training, just to wake the body up. I’ve got to do on average 100ish miles a day and managing just 3 I have a long way to go. Anyway also while doing this I got onto Amazon and got myself some proper kit like 😛 I’m talking helmet, gloves, bib-shorts (these things are weird, feels like I’ve shoved a few rolls of toilet paper between my crotch) arm warmers, the works…now that I look professional or even bit of a tit, you choose, got back onto the bike for a second session.

This time I got passed the 3 mile mark a lot easier and it wasn’t until 4 miles in I had it 😉 nah not really, though I was happy with an extra mile progress Steve was gonna push me further because he’s a twat lol and with a bit of some classic “My ass really hurts” and “My legs won’t work anymore” whining I got back managing to do roughly 9 miles in all. It’s a good job I’ve got 6 months…

But since then and me writing this out now I have been out again a number of times, constant training on the bike and weights and going to start adding swimming into the routine. Also I’ll do frequent accounts of my training as it intensifies nearer the date. I’ve also got myself my own bike, its been out on a training session already and did its first 20 miles. It needs some tweaking and a different set of wider tyres put onto it, but seeing as it came with parts that I’ve never seen before myself and Steve have put it together just fine…well, still alive and I went down a hill REALLY fast on it 🙂




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