if gravity wasn’t such a bitch, this would be a lot easier…

12 02 2011

So up to the quarter mark in distance for our aimed target of 100 miles a day, next a third, then half and you get the idea…

Feeling really good at the moment, my legs seem to have got over the “WTF are you doing to us?” stage, even though they still hate stairs whenever I get back from a training session…I thought my bum was getting use to the saddle (yes i’m gonna talk about my ass) but no…im gonna need to cable tie a pillow to it or something drastic, it still gets sore… 😦 maybe i should get a “booty” transplant, cushion the bum cheeks up a bit 😉

So yeah, the only issue im having is going up hills, feeling great any other time and feel I could cycle all day but when i hit a hill, gravity takes over and makes life hell for me…though we get on a lot better down hill, lets just say its a lot of “WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…BUMP…WEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!” though anybody who overhears me may think my speed and “WEEEEEE” screaming is due to the fact that I need the toilet REALLY bad…




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