…modelling is hard work…

16 02 2011

Had the first photoshoot this morning, though i was rudely interrupted when i was pulling in some extra work around the bed and had to get up at 8:30! 😦

So, met Lewis…(that’s the name of the photographer, nice guy, clean shaven, knows his lighting…) Poor guy had his work cut out trying to do his best with Steve’s face but hey ‘ho, did over 300 shots so they’ll be up as soon as (not all 300, that’s just silly, half a dozen here, a couple there…that sort of system)

The site is now looking better, hoping to really hit the nail with it in the next couple of days, both blogs are up and running (i.e the one you’re reading being one of them) and got a couple of sponsor’s interested in our proposal, so fingers crossed 🙂

In other news, training is going well, gonna two sessions tomorrow to pretty much double to about 50+miles (half way to our daily average we want to get too) i’ll inform you of how bad it was tomorrow and how much my legs hate me…

Later crocodiles, and remember….cycle with a helmet

Sample pic for you 😛




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