…do we have a Plan B? No? How about a Plan C?

17 02 2011

So the plan today was to try to do 50+ miles, our aim is to do 33 miles every 2.5 hrs when we’re going through America, so was gonna aim for a destination called Atherstone which is 32 miles away and do it in under 2.5 hours…..we managed 6 😦

As everything, not all plans go ahead, unfortunately my bike started holding us up when the gears wouldn’t change properly and lost the chain twice. Also Steve was struggling with the cold (he only has summer cycle wear) and was pretty much gonna need to sit in a freezer just to warm up…so we had to abandon, just gonna hit the exercise bike and do weights for today….need to work on the leg muscles anyway…

In other news, just finishing the main content for cycleamerica2011.com, so that’ll be done by the end of tonight, then it’ll just need tweaking and updating, specifically with pics and video clips we want to add.  So check back often, post comments and donate 🙂 many thanks to your lovely faces!




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