…it’s March? Since when…?

6 03 2011

Can’t believe how long its been since I last posted on this ‘ere blog of mine. I’ve been up early today (about 6ish seeing as you were wondering) so I decided I’d hit the gym (not literally) and do some cycling and weights. I’ve done that, hence me posting about it now…well, i finished, had breakfast and protein, fed the ducks waffles (they prefer them to bread) and watched Lady Gaga’s top 10 hits, which seeing as she only has 10 to choose from kinda made that pointless. They’re good tunes though, except Alejandro and Video phone, but the latter is Beyonce’s fault…ANYWAY…I’m fresh out the shower smelling of Brazilian hot mud and Red Dragonfruit thanks to the good people of LYNX and thought I’d post the interesting morning ive had for your reading enjoyment.

In other news, my bike is bein’ a wuss, in that its struggling to withstand the demand I require from it so i’m looking into changing it (if anyone can help me with this, it would be very much appreciated!) e-mail: daylej23@hotmail.com or get hold of me on Facebook 🙂

Should be doing our first press release in a couple of weeks….so gonna have me cheesy grin in the paper, hurrah 😀

Also be cool, and “LIKE” our Facebook group 😉 cheers!  facebook.com/cycleamerica2011




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