Quick analysis

14 03 2011

Our website cycleamerica2011.com is getting a lot of traffic through it, which we’ve been able to analyse thanks to Google Analytics and we are getting visitors from all over the world, including places like Russia! Also 2/3 are returning visitors which is awesome 🙂 So many thanks to everyone paying an interest into what we are doing.

We are trying to keep the site fresh and will be changing the content a lot more regularly and will be adding a news feed onto the home page as soon as we can work out how to code one in (if anyone knows how to do this; give us a shout, cheers!) so that we can keep you up to date with what we are up to.

At the moment we’re working with our sponsors and are hoping for bigger developments to happen in the next coming weeks so look out for what we are doing. So please check out cycleamerica2011.com and also become a fan and “like” our Facebook group facebook.com/cycleamerica2011

Also I understand that with the economy the way it is, and the government doing their very best to make life harder, any donations you can make for cycleAMERICA2011 would be very much appreciated! I know most really don’t have the spare pennies and just reading through what we are doing is fantastic, but to anyone that can support us, then please do. You can donate through Paypal here: CYCLEAMERICA2011 Many thanks and I promise to buy you an Air Guitar 😉 Also any considerable donations (£50+) will be rewarded with a copy of the finished documentary and a “Special Thanks” on the credits




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