Woke up “Mustang” after 6 years of hibernation…

16 03 2011

Mustang is the name printed on the side of my mountain bike as you wonder what I’m going on about…which I havn’t used for probably 6 years! Before this trip I was never into biking, most I ever did was with my friend Sanjay where we got into the routine of going twice a week to Draycote Waters, back in the summer of 2005, when I got my first real 6-string and played it until my fingers bled…
So I found the rusty old key, to the rusty old bike shed, to open the rusty old lock, to get out my rusty old bike. After I wiped it down from spider poo and checked the seat hadn’t housed a bee nest or something I gave the tyres some air and had some fun on it. Mountain biking is a lot more fun if im honest to road biking, plus you don’t have to worry about women drivers… 😛 jokes….OBVIOUSLY! :/

But a good way to train up some of the muscles that road biking don’t work as hard

Also just to keep pushing it shamelessly; check out cycleAMERICA2011.com and if you can donate anything (via PAYPAL) to help us out, then please please do: CYCLEAMERICA2011
Many many thanks. Will be posting a list of all the people that help sponsor us, so be great to make it a long one 😉

Remember, ride safely…puddles can be deeper than they look




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