Cup of tea and a biscuit! Lovely jubbly!

18 03 2011

It’s coming to 10 o’clock on a Friday night and instead of having a social life tonight I’m in the one place that I’ve yearned for ALL day…my bed! With a cup of tea and Fox’s Jam ‘n Creams and its lovely…

Been a tough one today, at 9:30 am I headed to Atherstone and despite the target time of 2.5 hrs I managed almost another hour on that! In my defence I had been mountain biking the two days prior and had little sleep but I just couldn’t man up to much more. I’ve been training hard for the last 8 weeks, I still have double that (16 weeks) until I start this venture so I’m not too worried yet. It was those damn hills, anything on an up-climb and !BAM! the bitch known as gravity just hates my guts! Then my legs hate me for making them do extra work and I just can’t win. Who invented hills anyway?! Better it was God, the little bugger…

Anyway, to top it all off (and to make me sound like a right tit) I get home and I’m hungry, tired, cold and wanted the toilet (#1 if you want to know) only to discover that I didn’t take my key with me and I was locked out. Took another hour before I got held of Steve to let me in 😦 and then had to go to work later on, so that’s why I’m in bed! 🙂

So remember, if you ever go cycling take your house key…and on that note I bid you all a good night and mind the bed bugs! I’m gonna get back to watching Comic Relief once the news is over…

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