Rise and ride!

22 03 2011

I headed out for a training session at 5:30am this morning and I will say cycling at such early hours is lovely. Hardly any cars on the road where you know the driver is thinking twice about running you over or not. I won’t lie, many a times I’m driving and a cyclist is in my way and it passes through my mind about nudging him out the way….but then I think that about slow drivers too…you know what I mean, just clip the back and fish-tail spin them out the way…how I wish you could get away with doing that…

After my last session I was a tad concerned with the time I was taking to complete routes as I was going over the target, so this morning I started to do time trial training instead. I have work in a bit so I’m doing some training at unsociable hours sacrificing my precious sleeping time, this better be all worth it to keep me from my bed…
So yeah thought I’d have an easy ride to set myself a base time so headed for Fillongley which as a round trip is 15 miles. I did it in under an hour (59 mins) and seeing as I didn’t put much effort into it I don’t feel so concerned now as I’m averaging 15 miles an hour which is well within my target. Granted though, that further the distance the slower I’ll get but that comes with progress…

In other news, the main site has had a few changes, changed the look of the main page so go check it out: cycleAMERICA2011.com and if you can donate anything (via PAYPAL) to help us out, then please, please do: CYCLEAMERICA2011
Be great to write out a LONG list of supporters 😉 *HINT *HINT so many thanks if you do

Happy 22nd March everyone! Hope it’s a good one 🙂




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