One of the main risks to life these days is death…

24 03 2011

Being safe is important, that’s why I wear a cycling helmet. Anyone who has been on a bike at some point has fallen off a bike and done their very best to act as cool as possible about it. I remember coming off my bike once when I was younger when my shoe lace got caught in the gears. I hadn’t noticed until I was coming to a stop and went to put my foot down only to realise my foot was staying where it was but the rest of me was falling in panic to the ground. I remember hitting the floor and in pain looking up seeing the number 52 bus, where each of its windows had a face pressed against it looking on as my face turned a healthy shade of red. I dusted myself off and walked home with my scabby knee and the gear chain imprinted on my leg..

Anyway, the other concern is getting an injury. I was playing football this afternoon and while displaying skills Ronaldo would be envious off I got caught at the ankle. I’m in a little bit of discomfort from it, (shouldn’t be too much of a concern day or two of it) but what if I do anything worse? The whole trip would be cancelled…a scary thought to dawn upon…so what risks can I take? Because without my ankle I’m not gonna be able to cycle to good…I kinda need it, it’s a convenient part of my body to use when riding a bike…but I’m not one to wrap myself in cotton wool for the next number of months, but I shall be more wary of what I do…hmmm

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