A LOT is happening…

30 03 2011

I kinda wish the clocks hadn’t gone forward, sure it’s 1:59am and then suddenly it’s 3:00am and you’re like “WHOA! I just time travelled!” and you sit there pondering how awesome that would be, then you get onto fantasising about controlling time like Bernard’s Watch, but I like the light in the morning. I know it’ll slowly get lighter and lighter through the next few months but I’m into the habit of going for a ride in the early hours and cycling down quiet roads without any light is a bit eery…anyway just wanted to through that into the mix…

What’s happening at the moment is the ball is rolling pretty good, firstly this BLOG alone is getting a lot of traffic which I am really pleased about. It’s cool to know that many people actually read what I put and I’m not evidently just talking to myself which would be sad…and a bit crazy…

Anyway, the updates are, that myself and Steve are now sponsored by CNP Professional, so it’s absolutely awesome to get such a big sponsor behind us (These guys sponsor the British Cycling Team!) we’re still hoping on get another sponsor or two, but fingers crossed 🙂

We did our first photo and interview for the Telegraph yesterday. I was completely unaware that this was happening yesterday so I’m gonna look a right mess in the paper…I wanted to at least look either smart of “cycly” (I’ve just made that word up, so it’s mine Oxford Dictionary) but all is good, hopefully I won’t look like a tramp the newspaper thought they would take a random pic off.

Also many changes to cycleAMERICA2011.com, so go and take a look 🙂

Remember, if you ride your bike in the dark and you don’t have lights…wear a helmet and stay in your back garden…

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