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7 04 2011

What a few days we have been having! First we were in the Telegraph and then featured on the BBC C&W website (Read the article here: and publicity for us has been rolling….Our main site and blogs are getting a huge amount of traffic through them and we are getting a lot of interest from sponsors…details about that will be posted when things are finalised but things are looking good 🙂

Also found out today that Coffee Kids and their sponsors will be holding huge launch and finishing parties for us, so we will get to know what it feels like to be a celebrity!! haha 😛 Also we will be on the radio at BBC C&W so keep you ears out for that!! Exciting things ahead!

At the moment we’re reading on what to do if we caught out by a Tornado (as it will be tornado season through Oklahoma) So I’ll be sure to be safe as possible and keep my cycling helmet on…

Myself will be posting a “Guest Blog” on Coffee Kids website by Thursday, so look out for that

The project is starting to become something amazing and looking forward to it….just got to keep putting in those miles sat on a seat with two wheels

So be sure to keep checking up on what we are up to as a lot of things are going on at the moment

Be good x



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