Bike has been ordered….poor thing…

12 04 2011

Ordered the bike I’m going to be using to cycle across America with, and my chosen seat with two wheels is a Specialized Secteur Elite 2011 (the one pictured to the right) So hopefully get it soon to try it out so that my ass can get use to sitting on it 🙂

Be getting our bike kitted out on Friday, so be getting pedals, shoes, bottle cages, cycle computers .etc 🙂

Coming soon will be the first press release, should be out by the end of the week so look out for us in the papers! We will also be on the radio at BBC C&W I believe some time next week? So Eyes look at the papers, Ears listen out for the radio 😉

Keep upto date with us and help us out by sponsoring us! Be very much appreciated and you can get your name on our site and on the credits of the documentary! Check out: Sponsor Us to help us out! Many thanks if you do!

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