You win again gravity…

18 04 2011

So here is the story simplified. New bike, moved roughly 2.9cm on it, fell off…
Yup, I started using my new pedals/cleats, so as I put my feet into them and went to pedal off (I was unaware I was in the highest gear) and couldn’t get the bike moving quick enough. So as the laws of gravity went into effect I started to tilt, panic as I tried to release my foot from the pedal…but I failed. Foot stuck, I went down with my bike, similar to that of a Jenga tower where you pull out the bottom brick just because you’re bored with playing…

So, today I tried again and had a much more successful morning 🙂 incredible the difference a bike can make. My new bike is lighter, smoother and larger gear ratio, plus I’m now using cleats and jumped from 14.9mph avg. to 16.6mph avg. (my aim is 17mpg .avg) as thrilling as this is to read and know 🙂 E..P..I..C ride!

Have quite a sponsors list now; including:
CNP Professional (Nutrition)
Esquires Coffee Houses (Publicity)
Matthew Algie (Donation)
Specialized (Bike)
Mike Vaughan Cycles (Equipment)
Coffee Kids (Charity)
plus some American companies are getting involved but not sure on their names….lol

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23 07 2011

Good luck xx xx

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