Video didn’t kill the radio star…

22 04 2011

The Buggles got it wrong. They thought the video would kill of radio, but it’s video that is dead and radio very much a live…and I was on it yesterday! 🙂 So who tuned into BBC C&W and listened to some classic banter between Steve and I? Some classics, such as my story of me beating a milk float in a race and mentioning the fact that I aint scared of no tornado 😛 If you missed it, you can catch it on iPlayer; BBC Coventry & Warwickshire Radio 21/4 (We’re about 1hr 6mins in, so forward it to that point)

Also I wrote a “Guest” blog for our charity “Coffee Kids” website giving an idea of why we chose to support them, so be sure to give that a read too, you lovely people: CK Blog

Time is against us now in regards to training and prep. I’ve been out this morning, just a 2o mile trek and we are starting to gather up a lot of donations and support, so if you can sponsor us then please do! Check out our main site for details:

We have 3 months left to make sure we are fit enough for this adventure…and its become apparent that we will be having thousands of people paying attention and following what we are doing; not just England and America, but throughout the world. Such as people from as random and as far as Russia and Australia for example! So the pressure is on to perform and complete the challenge ahead….God help me 😉

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