I’m still alive…

2 05 2011

Haven’t done a blog post for a while, mainly because what I’m up to at the moment is just training…and no doubt you don’t want to keep reading how far I went today, in what time, what speed…and how I beat the milk float again…

I did Google myself, because I’m cool like that and everyone has done it anyway (join the band wagon) and I found myself on some sites I didn’t know I was on…hmmm If it’s anything major then I’ll post a link. I will be meeting my sponsors on the 18th May for a formal dinner in London! Gonna see the Queen and buy a Heat magazine, seeing as that’s what you do in London…so should be good 🙂

Press release is out, Franchise have picked up on it and hopefully some of the papers will, but it won’t be until we are going that they will start featuring us big time…in other news the BBC C&W are going to do a radio interview when we are out in America, that’ll be cool 🙂

So that’s all I have to share with you fine people for now…I’ll make my posts more interesting next time, I have a lot to do today (that’s my poor excuse) Later crocodiles…

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One response

26 05 2011

Your trip is on the news page of Coffee & Cocoa International here > http://www.coffeeandcocoa.net but I should pass on advice from Frosty Wooldridge in the USA, a thoughtful bike nut who did this trip last year – see http://www.frostywooldridge.com
“They expect to cross 3,400 miles in 30 days?! They will kill themselves at that pace. They will be knocking off 110 miles per day which will kill them in the West with the mountains. It will exhaust them in the flats. They’ll bust their legs into silly putty. They won’t have enough time to interview with media along the way.”
But live the dream anyway. Or have you found a short-cut?

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