An old man I will forever love…

26 05 2011

Amazing how time just gets away from you. The idea was to do many posts this month especially with things going on with Caffe Culture and our own little “Presentation” at Barista madness and what not.

But unfortunately, unlike most of my posts this one is a bit of a more heart-felt one. I lost my grandad (well, he wasn’t hiding he died) on Friday and I am truly devastated. It was unexpected which makes things harder but at 82, he had a good innings as they say… My grandad would always tell me how proud he was off me, I’m adventurous and he often told his friends down at his club where he would play Bingo, about where I have been and what I am up to. I told him about cycling across America, he was full of interest, making sure that if I was in the paper or whatever I HAD to get him a copy too so he could keep it. Breaks my heart to know that when I finish this adventure, the story that I’ll have from it, I won’t be able to share with him…and only hope, that somewhere, somehow….he will still know, and that I made him proud…

William “Roy” Hayes (1929 – 2011)

An old man, I will forever love…





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