Work hard….PLAY HARDER….

6 06 2011

Obviously cycling across a continent like America is going to be hard work, and as life I believe work hard but play harder! Before and after our epic adventure across the unforgiving landscape of 11 of America’s states is the opportunity to enjoy the “perks” of doing something like this and that’s the parties! Oh, yeah…and we have 3 of them! One back here in England before we go and two while we are out in the States, a launch party and a massive Finishing Party in Santa Monica (All organised and paid for by our sponsors) 😉

But I’m not a selfish person and plan on enjoying the parties on my own (that would be a little sad, me sitting there on my own with a plastic cup)…nope EVERYONE is invited, so if you’re in Coventry on 21st July then get yourself a ticket and come to the Esquires Coffee Bash @ The Coventry Transport Museum from 7pm. There will be;

Presentations & short films from Coffee Kids &

Showcase of barista skills & latte art from Esquires own Simon Dann.

A Raffle with prizes donated by local supporters.

Live music from local singer & songwriter Emma McGann.

Also if you’re by Durham, North Carolina then please come to the Launch Party starting from 5pm on 25th July or get yourselves down to Santa Monica for the EPIC Finishing Party on 27th August!!!!!

I’ll admit, I’m looking forward to the finishing party….

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