Hopefully I won’t get arrested for eating an orange in the bathtub…

8 06 2011

As we cross over 11 states of America there are certain rules and ways of life each state have differently from each other. So in a bid to not get caught out and get arrested we must remember not to do certain things in certain states; for example in Texas it’s against the law for us to milk somebody else’s cow and in California we are not allowed to shoot any type of game from a moving vehicle, unless it’s a whale…so God knows how the Americans expect is to eat and drink…?! I guess this is why McDonald’s is so popular over there…hassle free….sigh

But there is fun to be had too, as I can get a license in Georgia to hunt Alligators, though I would only do this if the others come too as I’m confident I can out run them…and I have already mentioned the parties 😉

So I’ll do my very best to remember not to have a pair of pliers in my possession in Texas, nor wear my shoes to bed in Oklahoma…and for that Bear wrestling match I was gonna set up in Alabama…isn’t going to happen I’m afraid 😦 I know, GUTTED!


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