Thank you and good bye! See you soon ;)

22 07 2011

Firstly, a massive thank you for all that attended our Invitational BASH, it was awesome to see so many faces there wishing us the best of luck and so thank you for all that attended. We raised (not sure of the exact total yet) but I think it’ll be something between £200-£300 for Coffee Kids 🙂 Which will help so many families and children from poor Coffee communities have a much better chance at life and create for them the opportunities that we all have…


Tomorrow morning we fly over the “Pond” to the lands of the Americans…I have far more to do than the time I have to do it in, but that’s entirely my own fault, seeing as I do have the habit of thinking why do today what I can put off until tomorrow… :/ It’s really hit me that this is it, I’m going off to do something incredible and I’m not sure how much of me is a little scared through my excitement. It’s become apparent that it’s not only a case of stamina, strength and determination that’s gonna get us across, but also survival too. Early morning starts and finishing in the evenings to stay out of what is to become, Americas hottest Summer on records, which along with the 18-Wheelers is my biggest worry….and my bum 😉 I was advised by Becki’s friend Imogen to get a memory foam pillow and cable tie it on my saddle…not bad thinking, not bad at all…

So 99 things to do, and I’ll probably do 3 of them, get some ice-cream and that’s me done until 8 tomorrow morning where I’ll do the remaining 96 in the last few minutes before I set of for the airport…must remember to pack the bike….gonna need that…

So again, thank you for last night, I shall post regularly on this blog to say where I am, what I’m doing (probably cycling) so wish me luck, gonna need some of it 😉




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