We haven’t even started yet!

26 07 2011

Next part of the journey was to get ourselves from Washington down to North Carolina, which is the starting point for our ride across America. This time we didn’t want to get lost every 9 minutes so we went to Wal-Mart to get ourselves a Sat Nav (or a GPS for the Americans to understand us) along with my current addiction of Mountain Dew, and after a 6 hour drive we arrived to meet Elisa’s brother Jonathan (this guy is a cool cat and is happy to “Make it happen” lol) and get ourselves to our launch party which we were running half hour later for!

Despite the bad weather many people turned up, a lot by bike and we got talking to many different people interested in what we we’re doing, and after a quick presentation we did, we got chatting to the “locals”. Then came the raffle, our host Jonathan and now local tour guide, bought A LOT of tickets and after winning 11 prizes we were ready for a bar. Any bar, just your average American bar…

Amazing how friendly the people are here. From the party we had some lovely individuals offering to see if they can sort out some accommodation for us throughout our route with their friends and families (and these are strangers to us!) and even when we went out we got chatting and playing pool with locals wishing us all the best….this is when we met Allan…

Allan was the taxi driver that picked us from the bar to take us to a club, any club, just your average American club….and he was a completely Legen…..wait for it…..DARY! He only came out partying with us! This was our last free night and day today before we start our adventure tomorrow, so we wanted to have some fun while we could…

Today we are off to a shooting range to fire a gun, any gun, just your average American gun with Jonathan before we set off for a stating point of Surf City, North Carolina….by what has happened already I know we are going to have some amazing experiences throughout our route and I’m excited (even if a little wary) of what we are going to do! It’ll be the first chapter after the introduction of a new story, one for the grand kids one day…

Remember to check out, cycleAMERICA2011.com, donate and help us achieve our target so that we can help Coffee Kids help those less fortunate than ourselves, many thanks to you all 🙂 x




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