This is it, the beginning…

27 07 2011

It’s coming to 6 in the morning here in Surf City, North Carolina and I’m waiting for everyone else to get up so that we can get started with the adventure ahead of us. I’ve just had a look at the weather and there is chance of storms today, which isn’t good so with a bit of luck they will hold out as we have 125 miles to get through today!

The last few days I’ve really had my fun. Already done some amazing once in a life time things, but now I guess it’s time to be serious. I’ll have some breakfast, finish kiting myself up and I’ll be ready to go…just got to wake the rest up!

This really is it, all the preparation and training for this day, a day that I thought would take forever to come is right now. I’m surprised but I feel really excited at the moment. We are in a motel right next to the beach and can smell the sea air, and if not a little nervous, I know that I’m about to embark on an epic journey. I will be tested beyond anything I have ever done before…it’s time to be relentless in my pursuit of achieving in life something only a few will ever do, and have at the end, one hell of a story…

So it’s time, I’m going to get everyone else up, because I’m ready, it’s time to create a piece of history in my life. So wish me luck…it’s always good to have a bit of it 😉

Check out Donate and help us raise some funds for Coffee Kids 🙂 I’m going to start cycling 3000 miles, surely a few pennies are worth that? 😉 Thank you x







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