Day 1….and a dog bit me…only 29 more to go…

28 07 2011

Tough. Only way I can describe it. I’ve cycled 125 miles today which means I went through North Carolina and I’m in South Carolina tonight. It’s been an interesting and tough (that word again) day. Met some awesome people, like “Reg” (a guy who dropped by to ask how we were and showed us his car he just built) and had a dinner paid for by some guys who got interested in what we we’re doing. That’s not forgetting the photos myself and Steve had to pose for, for the locals in Surf City! Also saw a Church who has the “Best wireless connection in the world” (Only in America would you get a Church claiming that lol). Oh yeah and I got chased by 4 different dogs like it was some sort of comedy sketch and one of them actually got me and held onto my foot…damn thing…

The temperature really started to get the better of me, over 100F/37C was just too much, but completing it is over-whelming. I really can’t type much more as I’m beyond tired and so I’m going to bed, to start another day…so be sure to check out and donate your pennies to Coffee Kids (I’m getting attacked by dogs! Got to be worth something!) 😉 Many thanks, and mind the bed bugs…or mosquitos…depends where you are… 😛




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28 07 2011

Sounds like your off to a great start Guys, Keep up with the good pedaling. Hope the storms don’t get you too wet & the Dogs don’t bite too hard!

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