Day 2 – My mum isn’t going to like this one…

29 07 2011

Today has been VERY eventful. Started well too, 118 miles ahead of us, and feeling pretty good despite how tough yesterday was. However, after roughly 60+ miles in I had a pretty close call to becoming roadkill with the rest of the possums, raccoons, badgers, foxes, rabbits and everything else I’ve seen flattened to a pulp on the roads. Temps well over 100F I started to feel the heat (I am burnt pretty bad on my arms, which makes things uncomfortable) and being my own fault really, I’ll admit, I almost got hit by a 10-Wheeled truck, so close in fact it shock me up pretty bad and I had to stop. Shaken, Steve came back for me and got the car to come get me. At which point Arturs decided he would take over, while I sorted myself out and did a good 20+ miles on my bike (He really enjoyed himself). So I didn’t do the full 118 today, just almost 100, but I think that a few times it’s going to take some teamwork to get through this journey. (Plus Becki really wants a go! lol)

Anyway, because of that it messed up our timing today and myself and Steve didn’t finish until almost 10 tonight in the pitch black. Again we got the support car out to follow behind us with full beams (Already had one close call today) and done the full 118, high-fives all round as we did the distance 🙂

This trip (mainly due to the heat) is tough, but we will stick together and get the mileage done, whatever the cost 😉

Sorry Mum, I did promise I would look after myself better, but I’m alive…and that’s the main thing! Right? 😛

Check out…we’re putting all we have into this, so must be worth a few pennies… 😉




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31 07 2011

Thank you Elisa and David, I didn’t have a music player…but thanks 🙂

29 07 2011

I doubt I am the first one to tell you this – do not cycle when plugged in to music. You need to hear the traffic around you – i.e. trucks coming up from behind. If Rebecca is involved in the cycling – please ensure she is not plugged into music. We hope Day 3 is easier for you. Good luck.

29 07 2011
Elisa Kelly

Really proud of you guys! Keep up the awesome work. I’m so impressed. Those damn trucks are horrible, even if you are on a car. I’m so glad you are okay!


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