Days 3 & 4. Life (or cycling in Georgia) is like a rollercoaster…

31 07 2011

I’ll start in order with Day 3. It was bad. We only managed 78ish miles in total and things got a bit chaotic in camp cycle America. I struggled, hitting over a 100 miles a day in the heat that America is having is causing massive effects on our bodies, especially mine. Burnt (arms and legs, even with Factor 70!) sore (bum) and aching (everywhere) things got tough. We even started to argue amongst ourselves, well, it was more like a 2 min grump session lol but when you reach your lowest point in only means things can only get better, and with Day 4 they did.

Time to make up for yesterday and hit out the miles one after another, and they weren’t easy ones, with intense hill climbs every other mile, in the end my legs didn’t want to belong to me anymore and actually gave up on me, causing me to fall 😦 seriously pushing my body to its edge, but I wouldn’t want to feel that I didn’t push myself all the way anyway. As we hit about 115 miles today, shows that the game was upped and pretty much back on schedule minus roughly 15ish miles. It even rained…thats how good it was (yep, you read that right, rain is good)

I really want a glass of milk…

It’s incredible how friendly the American’s are here. Paying for our food, asking if we need help just because we stopped for a few cups of ice (even had a nice chap give us $20 each because we had no cash!)

So, tomorrow…hopefully get into or at least near the border of Alabama. Just going to aim for a solid 100 miles, and anything over we’ll spend a few hours on our rest days to catch them up. Also helps if Steve would stop getting punctures! 3 in the last 24 hours…silly boy, needs to stop riding over sharp stuff (3 inner tubes and one tyre he has destroyed) 😉

Oh yeah, Georgia tend to keep their dogs behind fences….take note South Carolina…it’s a good idea…




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31 07 2011

been reading ur blogs as promised x techno mand! they are on the wall map at work too. keep writing…i want the news!!!

31 07 2011

Pace yourself carefully; your body needs time to adapt and this happens mostly when sleeping. Keep hydrated and go for early starts and evening runs to avoid the heat of the day. Take note of the terrain and temperature and adjust the mileage expectations accordingly, listen to what your body is telling you; don’t ignore aches and pains, adjust your position on the bike if necessary. Remember if you are too tired to follow a sensible routine of eating, hydration and sleep you are too tired to ride. Good luck! – Robert

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