Day 5…when you’re beaten, have a corn dog…

1 08 2011

When you only have a Plan A, and it doesn’t work…you kinda get yourself in a mess…just like Steve and I today. After Steve went on an inner tube massacre yesterday I felt like I had to catch up ;) Armed with one spare inner tube we went out to start what should have been a 100 mile trek, which ended after just 43 miles.

So here is the story; 4 miles in I hit my first flat of the trip (A fish-hook of all things in the middle of a road!? Somebody, somewhere hasn’t grasped the idea of fishing). We then started to make good progress, but after having lunch I hit my second flat of the day and we were stranded. The support car was hours away from us, and the bright idea of finding a bike shop failed as it’s Sunday and everywhere is closed! So out of this whole town of Canton we found ONE place open called Downtown Deli Dogs that was 5 minutes away from closing (4 o’clock) But the guys in there (Chris, Josh and Jessica) were awesome and stayed open until 6:30 while we waited for the car to arrive! Had a great time, and tried Corn Dogs for the first time (pretty tasty got to say) and had a good laugh and chat. Couldn’t thank them enough, otherwise we would have been left to the side of the road…

It was late by this point so we’ve checked into a Motel in Canton, and had the afternoon to relax in the pool and get something to eat…but, it means that we will have to cycle on our day off to make up for the lost miles…but these things happen, and we’ll keep on peddlin’ ;)

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