Day 6 – Sweet Home Alabama

2 08 2011

Karma, it’s a lil’ bugger really. Here I was taking the piss out of Steve for 3 punctures and I’m now 4-3 up (am I winning or losing!?) I am however still on my original tyres… 😉 Made this morning a slow start though, as I literally went a few yards down the road just as we were starting before the dreaded “POP & HISS”…however we ended up having an awesome ride through the terrain of Georgia and into (Sweet Home) Alabama…

Not a lot seems to being going on in Alabama, Becki and I entertained ourselves this evening with buying ice-lollies at a service station and sat outside on rocking chairs eating them, watching the people of America put gas into their oversized trucks…we also saw a wishing well and so made a wish, hope mine comes true…guess I’ll find out in 24 days 😉

My bum is really sore (seeing as you’re wondering)  it’s the most painful part of my body at the moment…should have took the advice and cable tied a memory pillow to my seat…lol everywhere else is either sunburnt or aching so it doesn’t feel left out 😉

Heading for Palm Springs tomorrow, should be our day off really, but still wanting to catch up some lost miles…its going to be our target so get their early enough we’ll have the rest of the day off *fingers crossed*

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Lots of dead Armadillos…soft on the inside, crunchy on the out…but a mushy pulp on the road…




2 responses

3 08 2011

great stories Dayle x good to read

3 08 2011

thanks Amanda glad you’re enjoying them 🙂 x

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