Days 7 & 8….Alabama, Double Springs. Where we’re the novelty…

3 08 2011

The Americans are hilarious. Everything is bigger, I mean their cars might as well be tanks, their driveways might as well be airport runways, and as for trying to get a single pint of milk…isn’t possible…BUT they are very friendly (maybe not so much in Georgia) but overall they are, and the four us riding over their continent means we are a complete novelty to them. We have had a lot of fun explaining what we are doing and why, and seeing the reactions we get. Constantly asked “Where y’all from?” and “I love y’all accent” is brilliant and even had handfuls of people wanting our pictures…an English accent pretty much means you can do anything, and get away with it…lol

Anyway, as much as I’m loving the Americans, their way of life and how I have to buy a gallon of milk at a time I’m not enjoying the weather as much…I keep mentioning it but my poor lil’ body just can’t deal with the heat, and the warnings (yes, WARNINGS) are that it’s only going to be getting hotter! I’m unsure how I’m going to cope with it, as I’m struggling now where it’s reached 105F but as we get my inland we will be looking up to 113F. I can’t begin to describe how hot it is, imagine sitting in an oven, in the Sahara desert, while eating jalapenos, and you’ll get how hot just the mornings are. Even with Factor 70 I’m getting burnt! I get into so much discomfort it’s difficult to complete the days and as much as I hate it both Becki and Arturs have had to help to make sure we keep on schedule. The idea`was to stay out of the Sun through the middle of the day, but with the heat and miles that need to be done, we would fall behind. I’m a much quicker rider than Steve which allows me roughly an hour extra rest throughout the day, which I use to sit in the shade and cool down as much as possible before we continue on to the next checkpoint. The weather was something that we didn’t really think about when we first committed to this and when we did realise how hot it would be, we never thought that it would be this bad!

However, whatever happens the bikes will defiantly do the distance. I won’t ever give it up. I’ve already been burnt, had nose bleeds, been sick on the side of the road, fell from my bike, almost got hit by a truck and came close to passing out (so not going to go through all that to give it up) This is a challenge beyond anything I’ve ever put myself through and even though I am finding it unbelievably tough I hope the end is worth it and feel happy and satisfied that I gave it everything I got and pushed myself beyond my limits…

Today Steve and I got up early and did 30+ miles towards the border of Mississippi to a town called Hamilton, (I got my 6th flat tyre!! I’m now 6-3 up, still unsure if that’s a winning or losing score lol) where Arturs and Becki picked us up and we went back to Lakeshore Marina where we are going to relax in a boat for a couple of hours in a bit and have a BBQ. It will be the first time since we started cycling that we will have a good number of hours to enjoy ourselves with before we start again tomorrow to do another 100 miles. I’ve been to Wal-Mart after lunch and got me some creams for my sore bum and sunburn…(That was a fun conversation to the Pharmacy lady “Excuse me, my arse is sore what do you recommend?”) lol Yesterday we found a “BBQ and Beans” (everything closes at 8, around here, which is, nowhere) and became the entertainment for Regina and Ashley whose place it was. (Regina at 47 had never met any sort of “foreigner” before and couldn’t get over us) but we had a lot of fun chatting to them and entertaining with the way we “speak” 😉

Anyway, the last 48 hours I have been feeling a lot stronger so after a good rest I’ll be up for the ride tomorrow which is turning out to be beautiful with the scenery we pass, and hope Mississippi offer the same experience of cycling that Alabama has…

Thanks for reading…or at least skipping through, I’m off to go and sit in the fridge for a bit 😉 x

Becki and Arturs will be posting some videos soon on and so you can have a look at some of the things we have got up to… 🙂




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13 11 2012
Anglea Worsley

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4 08 2011
Lawrence Buckley

I’m enjoying reading your posts and sympathising with your aches and pains having done a 4 day Sheffield – Paris trip back in June this year. However that is a mere 1oth of what you’re taking on. Sometimes I wish I was out there on a bike with you guys but the heat sounds like it would do me in.

Keep it going.


3 08 2011
Carolyn Fairman

Hi guys! Keep it up, you’re doing great! At least it will be a bit less humid as you head west, that should help!

Please do let us know if you’re on schedule for your celebration in Santa Fe, we can’t wait to see you. Plus you’ll be almost done by then, just think of that! And remember you’re doing this for the farmers. You’re making a difference, I promise.
Carolyn Fairman
Coffee Kids

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