Day 10….I spent it in Hospital :( The game isn’t over just yet though…

6 08 2011

You thought yesterday was a story, well I got another one for you…

After the events that I went through yesterday (and the other days before that) you would think that I would get a break. Just one day where I can do a solid 100+ miles, have a shower, something to eat and tuck myself into bed…but NO, life doesn’t work for me like that, it has to be eventful…

So Steve and I got up earlier this morning to get a better head start and my we were smashing out the miles, averaging 18.3 mph. Temperatures were cool, perfect for cycling and feeling strong, I really thought I was gonna have a good day, it didn’t last… Steve (of all things!) wanted a piss, so we stopped and what happened isn’t the dramatic story I wish it was, I just wasn’t able to un-clip my feet from my peddles, gravity kicked my ass and I fell over onto some rocks. Skip, 25ish miles back and I was having a problem with my peddles before I started off, being unable to clip in and out. Satisfied they were working correctly I set off…but they failed…:( So here I was down and injured on the side of a Highway, so unable to get hold of the support car Steve finally managed to pull-over a pick up truck and enter “Billy Inman” a local Pastor who agreed to put my bike on the back of his truck and take me into Oxford so that I could get to a hospital. We set off and he pointed out a statue at the side of the road that was of a Road Bike and told me the story of it. 18 months ago a young guy was riding down the exact road at the same place and got killed by a Pick-up. He was 18 years old and his parents got the statue erected. It sends goosebumps down you when you hear these things, especially as you’re doing the exact same thing, the difference being when he came down this road he got killed, I got hurt, incomparable really.

Anyway, after being Preached too and learning about his life (interesting man to be fair) we arrived in Oxford where Arturs and Becki got me to a hospital. Now I’ve never been a patient before in a Hospital back at home, let alone a foreign country. Straight away I was sat in a wheelchair and even though I was sat and perfectly stable I was tagged with a “Fall Risk” tag. Because yup, I might fall out of my wheelchair…? So after asking questions to about a dozen different people poking my arse and asking if it hurts…(Yes…) I went for an X-Ray and the news I was about to get was bad…

I was told I have a bone break about the size of a dime (5 pence piece) on my hip bone and that  I wouldn’t be able to continue cycling for the rest of the trip (I told them what I was up to) . Devastated the Doctor went to get a second opinion (via satellite) and decided that the break may be an old wound and would mean I would only have to wait days to heel, so to be sure I was sent for a CAT Scan (They also threw in a Tetanus shot in the middle of all this, why? No feckin’ idea…) Anyway, 4 hours later I get the final verdict and the news was better. The break is from an old wound (No I don’t know how I did it…that’s a mystery…lol) and that I would need 3-5 days to recover. 2 days completely off the bike, and 3 days to ease myself back on. So basically, I’ll see how I am tomorrow 😉 I am in a lot of pain at the moment, and have some strong tablets to help me out…I hope it gets better as soon as possible, I’m beyond devastated at the moment, especially how good I’ve been feeling with cycling…Becki and Arturs are going to do as much as they can to keep the bike doing the distance, but 100+ miles is asking a lot, so maybe 20-25 ish each would do half for the next few days until I can get back on it…

So that’s my day, the sad thing is I was looking forward to cycling over the Mississippi river and instead had to cross it by car. Though saying that from the road bridge it was beautiful and huge and we stopped to have a look but couldn’t see anything (there is no trails to it and the trees cover any sighting) so it was a little disappointing to be honest. I also went to a really bad Pizza Hut for some pasta that didn’t have ketchup and gave me my garlic bread after I had eaten…so that was good?… On the plus side, I didn’t get any punctures today…! 🙂

So I’ve even added a trip to the Hospital to be worthy of your pennies to help Support our Charity Coffee Kids, so please donate…I don’t know what else will happen to me…probably get mistaken for a Redneck and be abducted by Aliens like the majority of them in Texas (because of all the people in the world, they’re who they are most after…) So visit or and check us out…

So there you are, compared to what has happened to other cyclists a few days out is nothing I can complain about, It’s frustrating but at least the game isn’t over for me just yet… (It was a close one) but I’ll get back on my bike as soon as I can, and keep on peddalin’ 😉 x




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6 08 2011

Dayle, you have our sympathies – crossing the Mississippi in the support car and not on the bike is a painful image. Best wishes for a quick recovery and back on the bike. Best to differentiate in the USA. between “keep pedalling” and “keep peddlin’ ” otherwise you may find Immigration send out some folks from Little Rock to check what you are doing. There is some tough territory ahead – tell your new friend, the preacher man, to “keep prayin’ “

6 08 2011

thank you I appreciate it 🙂

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