Day 11… What a fun day I have had…

7 08 2011

As you may know or even if you don’t I’ve been forced to the car while my injury heals. The good news is it feels a lot better than the pain I was going through yesterday, so tomorrow I’m gonna get on the bike for maybe 20 miles I reckon, see how it feels and if I’m good I’ll be back pedaling the next day…missing a day and a half is better than 5 or even the rest of the trip so I’m feeling positive. So back to my day. Well, it hasn’t been eventful in the slightest, my Mum will be pleased seeing as I’m putting her to an early grave (lol, that’s mothers for you) but I like something happening. Ok, I’m hurt and gone through some situations at the time I wish I wasn’t in, but it’s those times that make the stories and unlike today, those are the days I won’t forget, and laugh about in the years to come…

So yeah, there is only so much fun you can have in the car, especially when you’re the passenger, I got excited that we stopped of at Wal-Mart for some water…Arkansas has a lot of roads of nothing…well unless you keep yourself busy counting the roadkill…or really challenge yourself and try to identify it…

As an update for today, it’s been the hottest yet and got about 100 miles done. Becki and Arturs pulled together on my bike and have managed about 80 of them, so really well done to those guys 🙂 My bike is in desperate need of some love and attention as the miles are starting to take its toll on the poor thing…but gonna keep it rolling until Norman, Oklahoma and get it serviced and patched up 🙂 It deserves it…

So again, like an iPod that is on a single song repeat, please check out Coffee Kids our charity and our main site or “Like” our Facebook group 🙂







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8 08 2011
Elisa Kelly

Do NOT get on that bike before you are well-rested, young man! 🙂 Great to hear that Becki and Arturs are pitching in too, but I’d back David up in his comment – Better to be fully healed and finish the last leg than try to get back on before you are ready and then keep having to miss days!

I am really really bargaining for some cooler weather for you guys. Fingers are crossed hard!

7 08 2011

From the comfort and distance of the UK it seems advisable that you rest fully before returning to the bike – after the Oklahoma break. The trail after Oklahoma is hard, challenging and iconic – Petrified Forest, desert, Canyon, Monument Valley, Sierra Nevada – great for filming and tough. You can then fully support Steve – rested & fit – and share the experiences. Resting the second bike for a few days does not compromise the project – and probably helps Steve remain better focused cycling on his own with close support. Arkansas has not inspired much poetry – it gets better. You have achieved a great deal – well done.

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