Days 12 & 13. Back on the bike where the heart beats the hardest, and when I almost learnt how to fly…

9 08 2011

What a last 48 hours. Yesterday I got back on the bike from after my fall. I know the advice from the Doctor and everyone at home sitting from their comfy office chair that they spin around in, is to rest and fully recover, but I can’t do that. (As much as I appreciate the concern for my well-being, so thank you) But I have one objective here in America, and that’s to get me and my bike across it…in one piece if I can manage it. At the moment I have found it very tough and had many obstructions  along the way but I’m determined to be relentless. It doesn’t matter how many times I fall as long as I keep picking myself up again. I may not have cycled every mile but one way or another I would have got myself and my bike across. Be it together, pushed along or in the back of a pick-up truck;  I will finish this; despite the falls, burnt skin, aching muscles and broken bones…that’s the final goal…get to Santa Monica, Los Angeles, one way or the other…even if it means hitching a ride from a Tornado

So that gets me back to yesterday. Steve spent most of yesterday on his own as Arturs and Becki were not up for anymore after the effort they put in the day before, so I caught up with Steve in Bismark to finish the last 20 miles to ease myself back into it. Now Steve for the last two days has had good weather without any problems, that was about to end, because I’m back cycling. All started well, clear skies, cool temperatures, leg feeling good when all of a sudden out of nowhere there were a few drops of rain. Thinking not much of it as the skies were still blue, carried on…in hindsight should have took cover! Without any warning a seriously vicious thunderstorm struck Amity and right in the middle of it in the middle of nowhere was Steve and I (AGAIN) and we were in trouble. We took shelter as best as we could in an area where not a lot was being given and after failing to get to a barn the winds got bad and had no option but to crouch by a big tree. Steve wrapped his arms around the tree and his bike, while I wrapped myself around his bike and mine. The winds were that strong it started to pick my bike up! So I held onto it really worried that we could lose them in this…and also that if it’s gonna take my bike for a flying lesson then when is it going to be my turn? Really wasn’t up for trying… Also at the time trees were being ripped away and across the road, this is when we knew we were in desperate need of some help. (We tried to call the support car but we have a phone that has a phobia to water) Luckily a truck had to stop as part of a tree blocked the road so we came from our hideout like little drowned Gollum’s and flagged it down in a plea to get us to safety, and the guy, his wife and daughter allowed us to throw our bikes into the back and get us out towards Glenwood. We were lucky we got out when we did as the guy called his sister about 10 minutes later and we discovered that Amity where we were got hit bad with massive hailstones and high winds that took down tress and the town’s power supply. Glad we were out of there. I lost my cycling glasses (really gutted about that!) and Steve his iPod. Also my cycling computer isn’t working. Really was a point of survival…but we’re alive to tell the story, that’s the main thing 😉 I just went to a Dollar General and got a new pair, quite cool for $4, happy with my buy…

Anyway, today was better with the weather, though very hot reaching 110F!! But 104 miles later we are well into Oklahoma and only have tomorrow to go before we get our first night in Norman! A day from the half-way point, and I have gone through a lot to get here, but it’s all good fun and I have the story’s to tell 😉

So again, especially Claire Berryman as I’ve been told reads my blog “religiously” please Donate to our charity, you can do it through and become a fan of our Facebook page;

So if you come across or even think there isn’t going to be a storm, don’t do what I do and cycle into it…it’s really not a good idea…




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