Halfway across… INSPIRE YOUR LIFE (or be a moron and riot)

11 08 2011

It’s hard to escape the news of what is happening to England, it’s incredible how mindless a”breed” of our population has got, attacking your own homes is beyond belief. Their IQ must be in the minus figures. It’s really a case that the country’s scum have all jumped on a band wagon to cause havoc for what? For nothing…maybe steal a few pairs of jeans and a 4-Slice toaster…I hope they bring you joy…and that when you look back at your life 50 years from now, you feel proud of your actions…

What gets me most is that these people have every choice and opportunity to do whatever they want, and they choose to be an idiot. It’s a shame such freedom is wasted on these people when others in the world would take advantage of it and lead rewarding lives…It’s awful… That’s why the four of us are out here. To give people who don’t have the opportunities we are so lucky to have, and with our charity Coffee Kids I hope the money that we raise to help the ones that need it, take their opportunities and build a good life for themselves and not decide to be a mindless thug like those of Britain. Look at yourself, and be thankful for what you have and not what you don’t…

Lucky for me I’m in Oklahoma, having a fantastic time. Everyone is friendly, content and happy. Ok, I spent some time in an Oklahoma jail cell, got jumped on by an Alaska Timber Wolf before cycling but these are the stories of my trip. So when I look back at my life 50 years from now of the Summer of 2011, I won’t be saying; “Yeah, I robbed a shop and nicked myself some Trainers and a can-opener”. I’ll be saying; “I had the most amazing experience cycling cross America. Sit down and let me tell you a couple of stories…”

So INSPIRE your life. What would you like to be telling people you did 50 years from now?

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