What day am I on? 18? In your face doggy!

13 08 2011

After a fantastic time in Norman, the plan of action was to do what we do everyday, and that’s to try to take over the world…or just carry on cycling. One of those two. Got the bikes fully serviced as they desperately needed it and I’m happy with the job the bike shop did. They literally stripped them down to their individual parts and re-assembled it, and my bike feels like its brand new…

So straight off the bat we did 110 miles. Not a lot to say but that really. It was just a case of pedaling along all day. Nothing eventful happened apart from one single thing. A dog came running out chasing Steve who cycled off, problem was I was behind him so the dog turned round, saw me… and… waited. It was like a Mexican stand-off. So this big dog was just staring me out, sizing me up, licking its lips. So I started cycling towards it and as it came running up to me, barking and slobbering I grabbed my water bottle and BAM! Straight in its face. It stopped in its tracks instantly. To which point I cycled off, beaming with victory shouting “in your face doggy”!

The weather in Oklahoma tends to change every 17 minutes so thought I was gonna get caught in another storm, but luckily 17 minutes later it changed again…

So another day done.

Have to thank Rami Akkari for his fantastic hospitality while we were in Norman, Oklahoma. Top, top guy! I absolutely love Oklahoma, it’s an awesome place, and very, very fun! Gonna have to get myself back here as soon as.

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So the lesson you should have learnt from this post? Always have a full water bottle on you when cycling…




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