Left the Playground of Oklahoma for the Playground of Texas…

15 08 2011

Had a lot of fun in Oklahoma I’ll have to admit, it was hard to say goodbye to the place. It was great to have some free time to enjoy some partying American style and some of the people I have met will be hard to forget and some I wouldn’t want to forget. But unfortunately all good things come to an end, but I really am going to aim to go back as soon as I can…especailly to Norman! And hopefully some will visit England! When the place in not rioting…that would be good ;)

So after leaving Norman we continued to head West and ended up in a town called Mangum, just by the border of Texas. We finished our time there with going to a proper full on Rodeo and it was just insane. The British wouldn’t allow anything like this, unless everyone wore helmets instead of Cowboy hats and the floor was made out of sponge. Ow yeah, and licenses for everything! Not forgetting the animal protestors wearing their leather belts…but anyway back to America. Brilliant. Can’t describe how much fun it was at this event, we even got announced and got free t-shirts (VIPs) ;) But the night ended and the morning came, and that meant Steve and I had to sit our sore asses back on our bikes and peddle another 100+ miles. But once again we found out how friendly the American people are, and right now we are staying with Terry, Rhonda and their twins Jade and Jill that have kindly put us up for tonight and play with their “toys”. So my sore bum has been bouncing about on Horses, Buggys and Quad bikes…the Americans know how to have fun…!

Going through Texas is again incredibly beautiful…and we just rode through roads that went as far as the eye could see where the only sound was myself, my bike and the road…not a car for miles upon miles…though on the odd occasion there was a turn in the road that would confuse me…but I turned my handlebars and got through it ;) Plenty of wildlife out here, seen a Road Runner amongst many things, and there is a lot out here that would gladly kill me like snakes, bears .etc…. The whole landscape is baron with nothing for miles…but amazing…

Plenty of you guys are starting to get donations to us and thanks ever so much! Even had a few people today who we have met a long the way who have added to our total, and all I greatly appreciated so visit cycleAMERICA2011.com to find out how you can also donate ;) Laaavely!




2 responses

15 08 2011

Hey I just seen you at the malt shop in silverton texas my cousins were talking to the girl! What was her name? I was in the green shirt with purple! Good luck again!

Kallie Cox

28 08 2011

thats cool! her name was Becki 🙂 thanks

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