Texas…it’s so HOT the road is MELTING…

16 08 2011

As we cycle along the long empty roads of Texas you can hear a continuous “popping” sound, like you’re riding over bubble wrap. Only to discover that it’s the tarmac bubbling up and we’re running over these bubbles causing them to pop, that’s how intense the heat is, you can literally squidge the road with your finger…so just think if the heat is doing that to the road, what’s it doing to our bodies?

Today was a tough day, head winds slowed us down and the fact that there is NOTHING for miles. Just NOTHING but road…meant we really had to count on Becki and Arturs to keep finding us and re-stocking us with cold water, ice, .etc which they do well 🙂

It is beautiful landscape but at the same time its deadly too. If it wasn’t for the support car we could easily get ourselves into trouble if we wasn’t careful with water, and then there is the wildlife that can also catch us out. Being on the road we’re safe but Snakes can still wonder about, and we have been told stories from the locals of people being bitten and dying just to set us at ease…so we’d not worry lol Plus there are mountain lions and panthers about, but again, no need to worry… 😉

Again we are staying with a family that have welcomed us into their home for night, “The Nelsons” Jason and Lyndy with their two boys and been playing Transformers Monopoly and relaxing for the night… 🙂

We’re aiming for Albuquerque, New Mexico which we should reach in a couple of days. This where we get some time off and have a “Welcome Party” in Santa Fe with our Charity; Coffee Kids, and meet the guys from head office…so that’s the milestone…the next after that will be L.A!!

So same thing tomorrow. Just one long, empty, flat but incredible road… Just keep on pedaling…




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