Day 21…. So my luck ran out…and I was stranded in the middle of nowhere…

17 08 2011

Today I crossed the border into New Mexico, but it took 8 punctures, 2 complete wheel changes and having to sit at the side of the road for an hour and a half…it wasn’t my best day, in fact it was easily my worse. If it wasn’t for the support car eventually finding and rescuing me, a snake may have eaten me…

Things were all fine and dandy, but having long days against the wind was taking its effects on me and I started of slowly, again pushing against the wind…behind the pack and wanting to catch up after a break I was feeling good so the support car left us to see us in an hours time at the next check point. Steve got off and so did I after I re-adjusted my bib shorts to cushion my now sore bum…but after a couple of miles in, I hit a double puncture. The problem I had was 2 flat inner-tubes and I only had one on me, Steve ahead of me and the car gone I was screwed…being in the middle of nothing means the phone won’t pick up a signal so I decided I would sit tight and wait for the Support to realise I’m not behind them…

Sitting on the side of the road, close to 4 weeks out here in America, I started to question what the Hell am I doing sitting on the side of a highway in New Mexico. On my own looking around me every few minutes incase a Rattlesnake decides to creep up on me. So many places I would have rather been; home in bed was my top choice, it also happened to come in 2nd and 3rd too…but then I realised that I’d rather be here, burning in the Sun, worried I’m about to be dinner for some wild cat. As I would remember this day and the feelings I had…

So here I was in the middle of only God would know, helplessly stranded because I’m trying to cycle a Continent with 3 others just as adventurous as me… We’re not lying in bed forgetting about the day that’s passing by, we are living an incredible experience, an adventure we will never forget. And it’s on the side of this road that I realised I do the things I do because 50 years from now I want to feel like I lived my life, and not ask myself why I didn’t do the things I dreamed about…

It’s difficult to really pass on how you feel through a blog post, but I hope to think that I’m understood. I just see things simply by the good old phrase  “You only live once”. 😉




2 responses

17 08 2011
Sophie Montezzy

wow this was amazing to read Dayle i felt as though i was sat right next to or i wa sin your head. I would love to feel how you felt when you wrote this its truly inspiring. thank and good luck for the rest of the journey.:)

28 08 2011

glad you enjoyed reading it, many thanks the journey was incredible 🙂

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