Day 22. This isn’t meant to be easy, if it was, then everyone would do it…

18 08 2011

With my bike being forced on to the back of the car, we had to somehow, somewhere, find someone who can help us fix an inner-tube. All 8 of them pretty much destroyed and the repair kits becoming useless (it’s so hot the heat was melting the glue causing the air to escape) and the only place we can buy an inner-tube from is 150 miles away it was desperate. So the only hope we had were a car mechanics garage so in the ghost town of Vaughn we found a little place open and asked the guy if he could offer any help. All he had were some car tyre patches and some rubber cement glue (well not just those two things, he’d be a pretty useless mechanic otherwise. Though I am a Duck-tape and WD-40 can fix anything type of guy) But in our vain hope to get my bike back on the road, the cowboy job of pasting some industrial glue with a sticky patch worked on one of the inner-tubes and it held tight; and I was back pedalling!! (We just can’t get another puncture for the next 60+ miles, and with my record…hmmm) 🙂 It’s unbelievable how little there is out here, a gas station there, a McDonald’s here and that is pretty much your lot in a stretch of 60 miles…

So through the beautiful ranges of New Mexico we got on with the miles, until our nemesis turned up again….the big angry American thunderstorm and we had to bail out 10 miles short of our destination. No worry though as tomorrow we head into Albuquerque which would have been 55 miles away but instead it’s just 65, so time wise we’re good 😉 Though we have to set out early as it’s coming back by the late afternoon…I swear there is just one thunderstorm in America and it’s following us…

So again we got through another obstacle to carry on our quest to get across the USA. But these things will happen and will test us. It’ not going to be easy, if it was, then everybody would do it…

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