Day 23. Been the best day of cycling yet…Get your KICKS on Route 66…

19 08 2011

I wasn’t looking forward to today as it’s the first time we we’re gonna get on the Interstate! (To the English, Interstate = Motorway) But today was far the best day… The interstate was actually fun to ride down, probably because we were going down hill but it was nothing like I thought it was going to be, we even messed about with the camera and took videos of us dancing on our bikes to the amusement of the traffic and got the trucks to honk there horns. We were not on a tight time schedule today as we only had to cover 60ish miles, so it was great to actually have some fun and mess about instead of being serious trying to get to checkpoints on time…

We finally came of the Interstate, which is in fact the famous Route 66!! and carried onto towards the City of Albuquerque and getting there was incredible. After dropping 800ft+ we had to climb that back up to 7000ft but then it was downhill all the way into the City through the mountain ranges, which was breathtaking and fun…easily reaching to 30mph where the roads literally drop and disappear into the mountains…it was fantastic…and now we have finished, we have some time off to enjoy the life of Albuquerque and Santa Fe, where we will be meeting Carolyn and be at Coffee Kids HQ 🙂

Such a day makes the harder days worth it, and to anyone that I truly hope will follow our path one day on their bikes will experience a bike ride like no other…

In other News, Steve and I will be LIVE on BBC C&W all the way from Albuquerque, New Mexico, AMERICA! So tune your radio into 94.8FM / 103.7FM / DAB at 5:45pm (GMT) Or listen to it online!

Lesson I learnt today, Read the WHOLE sign…it’ll save a lot of trouble 😉 No doubt Steve will tell that story…

Get your kicks on Route 66! 😉




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19 08 2011
Carolyn Fairman

Glad to hear you’re diggin’ New Mexico! It is a beautiful state if I say so myself. See you tonight to celebrate your arrival here!

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