Just a quicky…

20 08 2011

I’m going to bed.

But before I do, just want to say how good today’s trip to Santa Fe was. Had a great time meeting Carolyn and the Coffee Kids HQ team of Joey and Kristina, and the event held by Whole Foods… really was awesome meeting and chatting to all the people who turned up, and also to thank Amy who has put us for the night in her very interesting and quirky home… Never been in such an intriguing house…

Steve and I even bought each other a present for our bikes today. Steve got me an arrow (full size thing, sharp point and everything) I bought him a string of 5 sparkly butterflies to decorate his bike with haha! It’s gonna look lovely and girly… 😉

Shame about the poor radio interview today with BBC C&W, was meant to have a good chat about what we have done, what stories we have .etc but it got cut short with bad reception. Looking forward to telling everyone about my hospital trip so a real disappointment seeing as it was hyped up…maybe get another chance when we have finished in L.A! But we’ll see…might leave it until we get home…

Home, been 4 weeks now, with 2 to go…

So I’m really off to sleep…another 100 miles to peddle tomorrow…good night x




2 responses

22 08 2011
Jennifer Fresquez

Hope you both are doing well! We enjoyed meeting you on Friday and will send our good thoughts and positive energy with you for the rest of the journey!

28 08 2011

thank you, it was an awesome journey 🙂

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