Day 25. At this very moment I’m locked in a Church, eating Chicken Fried Rice…

21 08 2011

So another story from our adventures, but first I’m going to start with the beginning of the day. New Mexico has been pretty good with us temperature wise, but at 7000ft it’s gonna be cooler (though I still manage the impossible and get sun burnt when there isn’t any sun…but that’s the story of my life…) We (as in Steve and I) spent the day climbing (cycling upwards) on the Interstate (a motorway) for 106 miles (I won’t do anymore bracket comments). That is pretty much as interesting as it got to be honest. Well apart from someone called the Police on us…but I’m getting use to those guys, as soon as they hear our accents we’re off the hook 😉 so all was good. But cycling on an Interstate means all you really see is a lot of cars, trucks and dead animals…but we were surrounded by some incredible scenary….again 😉 but it is amazing…

Anyway tonight. Becki and Arturs went a head to our destination of a town called Thoreau which is a very poor area and unsafe for us to stay in. So the local Pastor has allowed us to stay inside his Church for the night on a couple of gym mats. We are literally locked in, I really should have asked about if there is a fire but then it is a Church…which will have God protection, so we should be good 🙂 Showering was fun though, they don’t have any running water here and so all they had is a “Disaster Trailer” outside that has some VERY COLD showers! But beggars can’t be choosers… So here we are the four of us alone inside a Church, but it didn’t take us long until we found the kitchen where there is some Chicken Fried rice, Corn Dogs and Butterscotch pudding so we happily fed ourselves with our make shift feast 🙂 Again the storm has followed us here and so it’s an eerie night…a scene set up for a horror film! Especially as we have been warned that the storm could mean the power could go out…oh yeah, and if anyone knocks on the door, under no circumstance do we open it…

It really is amazing the situations we get ourselves in, and how we get through them by pretty much any means that becomes possible to us… We have a week left of cycling through this incredible Country and hope we get a couple more stories from it…

So time I say a little prayer and put my head down for the night… God Bless 😉 haha




2 responses

21 08 2011

Wow, never been by Thoreau. Sounds like fun. Keep the ride and spirits up and nice work!

28 08 2011

you should go check it out 😉 and thanks!

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