On Day 26 we crossed the border into Arizona…and so did the storm…

22 08 2011

I swear there is one storm in America and the bugger is following every move we make. We are in one of the most driest states in America, in fact we’re heading to the desert, yet the lightning, thunder, winds and rain are right there with us…well they haven’t left us since South Carolina…

It was another day on the Interstate and it was another day of punctures for me. It has got ridiculous the amount I have had, it ruins my days sometimes as getting stuck on the side of an Interstate is not a place you want to be…so again I got rescued by the Support Car, fixed my bike (on the state line lol) to only start cycling again as the storm hits…to start again, to finally get another puncture 4 miles from our destination of Holbrook. I’m getting really frustrated with them and incredibly bored repairing my tyres all of the time. The condition of the I-40 isn’t a help (In New Mexico the road is a disgrace…and thats being nice about it). So tomorrow morning it’s a trip to Wal-Mart to buy a silly amount of inner-tubes because can’t keep patching the ones I have. Some of them have 3-4 patches on and they’re not holding…so it’s been a pretty bad day really, I feel a little disheartened. Still covered 130ish miles but it was downhill the whole way, the shame is, it was on the Interstate…would have been awesome on a quite and scenic road…can’t wait to get off the thing, will be on it tomorrow upto Flagstaff and then we’re off, can’t wait…it’s been horrible…

But hey, not everyday is going to be great and even though I’m glad today is over it won’t deter how awesome this trip has been! Was thinking and chatting to Steve about how we are coming to the end, and even though I’m looking forward to getting to Santa Monica, it’s also going to be hard to know that our journey will be done…though I will not miss the punctures, that I will be very happy about… 🙂




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