Day 27. I got some free Armadillo’s…

24 08 2011

Armadillo? It’s an animal that’s crunchy on the inside, soft in the middle and a constant victim to roadkill…it’s also a tyre by Specialized. So finally got off the bloody Interstate, and after more punctures we finally arrived in Flagstaff, a city that has bike shops! So after going to one place called AZ Bikes, they tipped me off that I could get my tyres changed at a Specialized dealership for free (and upgraded) if I wasn’t happy….so off I peddled to the dealership and sure enough (with a bit of cheeky blaggin’) they agreed to upgrade my tyres free of charge saving me like £100!! Well happy 🙂 They are some epic tyres, having 3 layers of Kevlar (like you care but I’ll continue…) going through them, they’re not gonna puncture unless I run them through a crater of nails and razor blades.  We also got talking to the guys back at AZ Bikes who also agreed to put us for the night, so Steve and I stayed with Korin and her 3 dogs Mogrey, Nash and Izzy (seeing as you were wondering what their names were) It’s always cool staying at a random house with people we don’t know… 🙂

I also had Spaghetti and Meatballs for dinner….




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