Day 28. The 4000ft climb… and I smashed the granny out of it…

24 08 2011

What an epic day. Armed with my brand spankin’ new Armadillo tyres I was ready for the BIG day, the day we had to cycle up 4000ft in 15 miles… to get up to over 7000ft. Which also means that what goes up….has to come down 😉

Started the day well as we first had to go down to 3000ft before we started the climb. I know I keep saying how beautiful the scenery is wherever I go, but the ride from Flagstaff to Prescott in Arizona is the most breathtaking ever. It’s EPIC. To anyone ever wanting to ride an incredible and challenging 90 odd miles, then this is the stretch. Anyway, we get to a town called Sedona, a complete Tourist attraction to be fair, plenty of Chinese and their oversized cameras and hats and plenty of old people and their oversized sunglasses and flip-flops with white socks about the place, but it’s an unbelievable place…

Anyway after grabbing some food and Gatorade to fuel us up we had the mammoth task of cycling up the mountain. It is without doubt the toughest 90mins off my life, pedalling at like 8 miles an hour to get up this thing. But the views and the feeling of accomplishing it is hard to get across…it was amazing. At about 5000ft I cycled through a little town up in it where an old guy shouted at me that I have the easy part left….awesome I thought! He lied to me…the git 😉 lol But at the summit of 7023ft I knew what was coming next….

I had to get back down 😀 It took about 90 mins to get up, 9 mins to get down! We were hitting speeds of around 40mph when the speed limits in areas were as low as 15/20mph. We were going faster than the cars down this thing. It was exhilarating, fun and dangerous. One point I was too fast for the corner and went wide (and you can’t go too wide otherwise you’re going down an even faster way…via a sheer drop) So much fun turning the corners going down the side of this mountain…it really was the reward of cycling up it…I literally smashed the granny out of it

So it’s been a fantastic day, not a single puncture either. I said to the guy in the shop that I want two tyres that will get me to Santa Monica without a puncture….so far so good. Tomorrow is the other big one but in length, we are to hit 136 miles in one day…but it is downhill pretty much the whole way…so I’ll have some fun with that 😉

Where there’s a mountain, there’s a way…ride a bike up it

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