Day 29 and after cycling through a Desert, I’m sleeping in a Caravan…

25 08 2011

To be fair I spent most of my childhood sleeping in a caravan. Back when I was a little nipper and the most important thing in the world was getting a new game for my Mega Drive II my grandparents owned a static one in Tewkesbury. (Yes, I’m talking about my childhood instead of cycling! Just keepin’ thing fresh) Anyway, every other weekend and the Easter holidays I went with my parents, brother and our dog Charlie, and the 6 of us would cram inside this little caravan (obviously my brother and I were subjected to the uncomfy sofa seating instead of the beds) but it was great. I use to go fishing with my dad, brother, grandad and sometimes my uncle(s) and this is where I use to go on bike rides, with my second-hand Mountain bike that wouldn’t change gear…doing a couple of miles that would take hours to a nearby pub on the canal…great memories, well until I hit 14 and then it wasn’t cool to go…

Anyway, back to today and the ride I had. I have to thank Arizona for some of the most incredible cycling I will ever do in my life…truly amazing. Like yesterday going down the mountain range is just an unbelievable experience. However today became tougher than what we anticipated. Unlike yesterday with all the tourist spots where the Chinese were posing for pictures with their Cheeseburger and Fries giving the “thumbs up” and the coach loads of confused old people with name tags on, just incase they got lost, we were going through the Arizona Desert…and all there is for miles, is sand, cactus’ and mini twisters (which were pretty cool to look at to be fair). But really suffered with the heat, the skin on my arms have actually “bubbled” which is never going to be a good thing, I can’t begin to explain how intense the heat got…but I got through the day and look forward to tomorrow where in the morning we will by crossing the Colorado River into California! The final state…

So I’m lying on my bed in a caravan, in pain, covered in After Sun… the abuse I have put my body through with this trip is pretty intense and I can’t even have a cold shower to cool down. Because of the desert, both the Hot and Cold taps are hot water, which does make me question why they have a cold tap to start with…but this is America…and that explains that. So gonna paste another layer of After Sun on me and get some much needed sleep, as it’s another day of pedalin’ for me tomorrow 🙂

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