Day 30 and California tried to cook me…

26 08 2011

I thought after yesterday that I wouldn’t have to go through any temperatures hotter than that from the Arizona Desert, but I was horribly wrong. It didn’t take long until we left the incredible roads of Arizona for the Orange County. Crossing over the Colorado River which is the State Line, I was very good, the feeling that we were in the final state of our epic journey was incredible but I was yet to encounter what the day was to bring.

Not far over the border I started to feel the heat, which reached to 120F which is 49C and it caused my skin to actually BUBBLE! :/ I was literally being cooked in the Sun…So unfortunately to save my skin and my health I had to sit out of it in the middle of the day. At which point Arturs and Becki had a go at some pedaling. Becki managing 11 miles and Arturs 8. Which given the heat was a good effort and allowed me to wrap cold towels around my arms and hydrate my skin with After Sun. The skin has already peeled away and I’m looking forward to getting out of this heat tomorrow…about 30 ish miles I reckon until we’re over the mountains and get caught by the breeze from the Pacific… Also I’m happy to be getting to the end now because I’m unsure how much more punishment my body can take…any longer and I’ll be able to eat my arms, throw in some veg and It’ll be a tasty meal…well, I reckon I’d taste like chicken? Everything else does…

Anyway, after putting on some sleeves and having a good meal hit the road once again on yet another Interstate (I hate these things) and bashed out another good 30ish miles before it got dark… Tomorrow is the very last day I’ll be cycling on an Interstate EVER…not going on one ever again…lol

So yeah, a mixed day. Awesome to start with crossing into California, shame it wanted to toast me up… But it’s the final full day tomorrow…so close to the end…!

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