The final day tomorrow, we’ve come so far and all we have left is 72 miles…

27 08 2011

So tomorrow is it, the end. Everything we have gone through, the preparation, the plans, the journey, the stories all comes down to the final chapter that we will ride tomorrow. We’ll get to Santa Monica Pier at 4pm (Midnight GMT) and I have no idea how I will feel. Some days I want it to be over, especially with the Heat, but other days I want the adventure we have gone through to keep on going… I also have no idea how it will end, I’m hoping there will be people there to cheer us on at the end, because otherwise we will reach the end. Stop. High five. Then what? Pack up the bikes and go home? What an anti-climax that would be… I want something to remember…I hope it will be 🙂

Today was random. We had our final big challenge left, which was a 2000ft climb up a mountain, which turned out to be a bit funny. As both Steve and I was going up the same mountain, but up different routes…and it took the support car to re-unite us haha! But the best thing about today was finally getting of the Interstate for good! I admit, in my joyful glee, I stuck the two-fingers up to it…I hated the thing 🙂 Also up there in the “Best” category is the fact that the temperature has now dropped dramatically. From 120F to 80-90F. I actually felt cold… :/ So gonna be perfect conditions tomorrow, cycling through Hollywood, Bel-Air .etc Maybe I’ll see Sandra Bullock watering her flowers or something…

I guess I’ll build myself up for my most epic blog post for tomorrow! Gonna be a big day and I want to enjoy and remember it 🙂

72 miles




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