32 days, 3000 miles, 11 States and 1 Continent later… The story is complete…

28 08 2011

The final day was one to remember, not at the start though, but the end, from the moment I could feel the fresh Pacific Breeze hit me about 15 miles away from the Santa Monica Pier. When I felt it I knew that this was it, the end was coming. The road just seemed too last forever, every hill brow I was anticipating that I would see the sea, but time after time I was teased. But every story has its end, and finally in the distance after smelling and feeling it for miles I could see the Pacific Ocean! Suddenly the Pier was in sight and I went straight for it, so many people were around but I didn’t care, I rode up and saw Arturs and Becki there with the banner, the joy was unbelievable. Went onto the beach, savoured the moment and in my cycleAMERICA2011.com cycling top I dived in. I just had to do it. There wasn’t the big parade, or anyone that cared we were there, but it didn’t feel like an anti-climax. The four of us had done it, we crossed the United States of America. The moment was ours to have, nobody elses but ours…

But as with everything that concerns me, the story didn’t finish. We were going for a celebratory beer, so innocently I went into an English Bar and went to the toilet. (I hadn’t had a piss for 30 miles) Anyway, I came out where 5 cop cars and a dozen policemen targeted me out, and forced me out the bar to arrest me. I was basically a victim of mistaken identify, and they thought I was a guy who had just stabbed someone. So the people of Santa Monica watched on as the LAPD screamed at me to put my hands behind my back and search me for a weapon. Pretty intense moment, until they realised I was the wrong person…in which they apologised and thanked me for my co-operation. Co-operation? I had no choice…

So another run in with the authorities of America, they just seem to hate my face.

It’s been 32 days since we started cycling, I’ve been chased by dogs, got caught in Thunderstorms, slept in a Church, sheltered in a Hospice, been in Jail, been rescued by a Pastor, almost been flattened by a truck, got lost in the middle of nowhere, rode the Interstate and even managed to land myself into Hospital…but I have got myself across the Continent of America!!! One way or another, I have got myself and my bike across, both in one piece… just about 😉 The weather has burnt me and made me sick, I’ve been soaked through, sweated enough to fill every swimming pool in America and had a really sore arse. The terrain has punctured my tyres more times than I can count, and put my body through more than I ever imagined I could cope with, but it also gave me the most thrilling cycling I have and ever will do… Some miles were easy, some were hard…but everyone was worth it… and I will remember what I went through 50 years from now and have some amazing stories for the grandchildren one day…

Through this trip we have all come so far and we reached both highs and lows. The four of us have looked at each other every day and night for 5 weeks. We are all young and constantly hope and dream for more, trying to find ourselves, trying  to make our own history in life. We dreamed of cycling across America and we went for it. We planned, prepped and trained. We could have sat at home and talked about how great it would be to do, but we didn’t. We lived our dream… and I hope that one day, all of what we have done, will become someone elses dream…

At the beginning of this, the first time it was mentioned I was never going to cycle across America. I was stubborn and said I wouldn’t do it, I wanted to come, but I wanted to drive. I always wanted to road trip across America and this was my chance to do it! But I dwelled on the idea and thought it through and I realised how much more epic it would be to say that I cycled across America rather than drive. So after not even riding a bike for 6 years, I decided to commit to it, and I trained for only 6 months. I am so glad that I said “Yes”. I’ve achieved something that very few will be able to ever say they have done. I wasn’t a cyclist, and I’m not a fan of Coffee (It’s just not my cup of tea) But I am so happy with what I have accomplished and hope that the donations and funds I have helped to raise for Coffee Kids will do some good for people who won’t ever have the opportunities and chances in life that I have. Because what I have done, was my choice. So I hope more will donate and give the Families and Children that Coffee Kids support a better chance at life.

Thank you to everyone who followed and supported me. I love all of your faces… Please donate (I’ve done it! That has to be worth some pennies!!! :)) to coffeekids.org (add cycleamerica to the note) or through us at crowdrise.com/cycleAMERICA2011. Catch up with our journey at cycleAMERICA2011.com or through facebook.com/cycleAMERICA2011

So here I am, Santa Monica, Los Angeles… 32 days, 3000 miles, 11 States and 1 Continent later…  🙂




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28 08 2011

Well done guys x Dayle… u make me laugh! Never a dull moment “,

28 08 2011

Well done Dayle, and many thanks for an entertaining ride for all of us. I assume Sandra Bullock never made it to the pier. Thanks for adding some phrases to the lexicon – “literally smashing the granny out of it” was probably the best. Beware – there is a storm out in the East searching for you – keep your head down. Have a good few days in LA – if you miss the bike you can try the “ET cycle ride” at Universal Studios. Well achieved.

28 08 2011

You’re welcome David 🙂 I hope that people enjoyed reading my blogs and that they helped whoever wanted to follow what was going on…
No she didn’t 😦 I’ll have words with her later, see what excuse she had 😉
That storm just won’t leave me alone… lol
Thank you 🙂

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