So what’s happened since? Well….

30 08 2011

After sleeping in a Church, Caravan, a Garage and many floors I have now expanded my sleeping locations to outside in a Hammock at a 70s Porn House… I will literally sleep anywhere…

So after my traumatising time with the American Police yet again… we been staying at different people’s houses…first night, we stayed at Karim and Ben’s (these guys we know from the guy we met from the bike shop when I went to get my free tyres, that’s how random it is). Very tired it was great to chill out there, and this is where my bed for the night was the garage, with boxes of “Stuff”, bikes and a hedge trimmer…

It’s the next night that I have the story for you. We went and met up with Emily (back in 2005 I first met Emily in Australia when I went travelling) and it was great to see her. She’s living in Hollywood Hills and so we went out partying in Hollywood! Pre-drinking with a few “Gin and Tonics” (Classy) we went out on a very random night. From what I remember (memory is a little hazy, got to admit) We somehow ended up in some random guys car, who drove us to a Tour Bus to meet an Actor and Model casting manager… now, the smell of Bullshit was strong, and I was sneezing a lot because I’m allergic to the stuff… I have no idea what these guys were going on about (Nice tour bus though) but we got out pretty quick before we got involved in some sort of “Blue” movie… haha So off to another club, where we saw Busta Rhymes and tried to get into his “Private Party” but they wouldn’t let us in… Party killers…So next we met Gary….Hairdresser by day, Taxi driver by night… (I remember eating donuts at some point) before being somewhere else, where I pissed of some girl because I wouldn’t have a drink with her. (I was pissed and she was still ugly and I was out of brown bags…) so all I remember next is going back to Emily’s which is a house that was used in a 70s Porn Shoot or something and spent the night sleeping in a hammock out on the balcony… 🙂 Then spent today, relaxing and getting a tour around L.A to film sets and Celeb houses…as you do…

I still don’t think the end of the journey has sunk in yet… I kinda just feel like I’m on holiday now… going to the beach for the day tomorrow (Santa Monica Beach) it’s a surreal experience at the moment, I’m just enjoying the few days we have until we come home to the real world…which will be a come down from the past 6 weeks…

I wonder what the next few days will bring, still have the Finishing Party to go!

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