The Final Blog post… It’s been one hell of a ride…

6 09 2011

I’ve been home now for a few days, slowly getting my way through the long list of things I want to eat, including English Breakfast, Lamb and Mint Sauce, Toad in the Hole, or basically anything that can’t be eaten in a bun, and trying to reset my now really buggered body clock. It’s good to be home, touch base as you were, and see some missed faces but I’m back to reality… and trying to except that the amazing adventure I had with all the stories is over… I want to be back out there, seeing what mischief I can get myself into and then enjoy telling the story of how I got out of it…

I miss the American people, sure they drove tanks with wheels, eat everything with mustard and couldn’t stand anything you say if you pronounce the ‘T’ but they were friendly, kind, overweight and generous… and made my experiences incredible… From the Pastor who took me to Hospital (who for the whole 20mins of the journey informed me of how I’m going to hell) to the families that took us in under their roofs. The strangers that gave us money, the randomers intrigued in what we were doing, even the Mexicans interested in how much our bikes were worth… all played their part in the adventure…

I also miss the landscape America offered, the scenery in places was beyond anything I’d ever seen, from the National Forests to the Deserts it was spectacular. The mountain ranges, cycling up 4000ft to be rewarded with the descent down…incredible… I don’t miss the weather though…

It was the toughest thing I had ever put myself through, the punishment I put my body through was beyond my limits, but I pushed on and everything that hurt became the price for the most amazing experience… and every ache and pain became worth it.

But out of everything, the most amazing thing was the amount of different and random stories that we have. Some of the stuff that happened to us you couldn’t make up… Taking refuge at a Hospice, being locked in a Church, being arrested by the LAPD… even the experiences, such as powering a boat through the river of a National Forest and attending a real full on Rodeo… made the trip. How boring would it have been if all that happened was we woke up, cycled 100 miles, showered, eat, bed; repeat. Sure, we would have had the accomplishment, but not the adventure that I wanted to seek…

This whole trip isn’t about me, me, me. I did this, I did that, I am great. As it was 4 of us that completed it together as a team and no one person would have done what they have without the other 3. I have to thanks Arturs and Becki massively. Without these guys Steve and I wouldn’t have managed and wouldn’t have experienced as much as we did. It was these guys knocking on doors armed with their cheeky grins and endearing accents that got us places to stay and experience even more within the trip. It was these guys that continuously rescued me from the side of the road whenever I got myself into trouble, before the Bobcats, Rattlesnakes or even the Rednecks noticed me as they went to shovel up some roadkill for their dinner… They were incredible the whole trip and so I thank them dearly for being there with us. I hope the footage that they captured throughout the trip will be incredible and that they will be able to create a documentary showing what an adventure it really was! A big huge thanks goes to Steve, who dreamt up the idea and somehow managed to persuade me to do it. Can’t thank him enough as through his planning and hard work (and sheer determination) I went through an incredible experience. I literally went for the “ride” and it was one hell of a ride! We have done many things together, including travelling around the World and Road Tripping through Europe. But this was biggest and greatest adventure yet… and I’m sure there is more to come…

Since I’ve been home, it’s become apparent that a lot of you guys that read my blogs really enjoyed them, and became popular with friends and strangers alike. I had no idea, how a quick blog post before I went to bed each night became the highlight to many following our journey. I thank everyone that has followed us and read my posts, and I really hope that they were enjoyed and entertained you : ) Sadly this is probably the final one for cycleAMERICA2011. With every great story, it has to end (Even the Neverending Story ended after 94 minutes…) It just means that I’ll have to start a new one. It doesn’t mean that this is it for cycleAMERICA2011. A press release has gone out today, and yesterday we did a Radio interview with BBC C&W (Forward to 1:22:42). Also there is still the anticipation of the documentary that will hopefully be completed within 8-12 months. So keep your eyes and ears out for all which is still yet to come.

So, my final words, I want to be inspirational, I want people to be aware that if you have goals, dreams, even ideas, that you should pursue them. You have the freedom and opportunities to make all the choices with your life. What would you rather say about yourself 40 years from now? “I had the guts to do this” or you won’t remember because you didn’t do anything… We all have one shot at life, enjoy it, no one is going to get out alive so experience what the world can offer you, so when you become old, you don’t regret all the things you could have done, but tell the stories of what you did do…

We did this whole trip for the Charity Coffee Kids, a charity that helps Coffee Farming communities in South and Central America. Many of you drink Coffee and without these people, your addiction (let’s be honest) wouldn’t be possible. So please Donate through us (all details can be found on our site; they live of very poor money in a seasonal time frame of 3-5 months. What Coffee Kids do is start up other methods (for example, Herbal Medicine) so that these people are able to support their families better and give them a more fulfilling life. So again, please donate whatever you can. It is most highly appreciated!

Also want to throw in a thanks to the Sponsors that supported us through this trip. CNP Professional for supplying us with all our supplements. Mike Vaughan Cycles who supplied us with our bikes and equipment. Esquires Coffee Houses who followed and supported us throughout the whole trip and also paid for our cycling Jerseys. Also to G4S and Matthew Algie who helped pay for our hire car. A massive thanks to these guys 

So again, thank you for following us through America. It’s been an incredible journey and I hope that you enjoyed it as much as we certainly did. In total of 12,000+ miles and 43 days, my bike and I went across America and came back home together. It doesn’t matter where you go, whatever you do, in the end, you always return home…




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9 09 2011
Rebecca Horsburgh

dayle you need to write a book!

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