CycleAmerica2014.. Chapter 1: Literally, Sleepless in Seattle…

8 08 2014

As I write my first blog post of the cycleamerica2014 adventure, I am sat between the sleeping Nathan and the sleeping Steven, that both sound like they’re breathing through a harmonica but with the few hours sleep that we have had over the first few days I can understand it…

Not much to say with the travelling over here, Nathan is a good omen! Smooth run the whole way and my old friend Bubba was no where to be seen.. I’m not the best traveller, I always find getting to and from somewhere a ball ache, but I had first time traveller, first time tourist, first time flier Nathan with us, who quite frankly was so excited by everything it was like watching a kid on Christmas day 🙂 Armed with his camera you can’t stop the boy… Bless 😉

I have been driving since we arrived here which has been interesting. I’m driving an automatic for the first time in my life and trying not to drive it like a go-kart is one thing, but trying to remove my only driving experience in America being from Grand Theft Auto is another… but so far so good I think..

Already on the tourist outbreak.. went to the Space Needle today and the plan is to go up it tomorrow night for dinner… So looking forward to that! Also been to the local human zoo, which are known as Walmart’s here and went to a bar… any bar… just your average American bar, where some legend in his American flag bandana and leather jacket got on the piano… He was brilliant! Exactly how you want an average American bar to be like 🙂

Well it’s getting late and Steve and Nathan now sounding like a full on orchestra… We Are staying at a random apartment in Seattle, with a nice lady called Diana who has put us up for the night 🙂 up early to head up to the Canadian border and have a look where Smallville was filmed! Better fish out my Superman t-shirt!

Be sure to follow us on Facebook cycleamerica2014 and spare some pennies for Coffee Kids, the Charity we are doing this for 🙂

It’s now time for me to join the band, and get some sleep in Seattle… Goodnight!




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